Rory always customizes his presentations to incorporate your themes and desired outcomes.
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Undercover Artist: Reveal Hidden Creativity within your Organization

In this hilariously dynamic presentation, Rory will reveal the untapped creative talent within your own organization, by demonstrating a process driven creative strategy, combing “agile methodology” and “Nashville Songwriting”.

Employers are hiring more creative staff, but what they don’t realize is by fostering an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their creative ideas, they access the mountain of untapped creative insight of their own teams.

Key Takeaways:
• Collaborative Idea Generation – like Nashville songwriters
• Transform employees into corporate “intrapreneurs”
• Create smaller time constraints and include stakeholders in the conversation
• Discover blind spots in your processes
• Avoid perfectionism bottle neck, by getting changes out the door and tested

FIND THE FUNNY- Burn out prevention

An entertaining performance on resilience and creating opportunity from circumstance. Nothing can teach us more than failures, but we need to have the resilience to learn from them. In 2018 Rory lost his house to a Tornado. Using a tool called sublimation, he immediately turned a negative situation into a positive.

Using humor as a coping mechanism to lift the community, Rory created a humorous video, eventually leading to a TEDx talk on using humor to overcome adversity. Sometimes projects, personal life or weather systems don’t go according to plan. What coping mechanism do we have in our repertoire to protect our mental health?


  • How to condition yourself for resilience, and transform failure into fuel. (Resilience – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties)
  • Adversity can create opportunities. How to leverage adversity to recognize a new opportunity that hadn’t otherwise been presented.
  • Use humor as a coping mechanism for less burn out, greater resilience and overall wellbeing.

Comedic EMCEE

Holding a conference, retreat or event that could use some levity and entertainment to keep attendees and employees alert and happy?

Rory can facilitate your event to flow naturally, interjecting humor and music to keep audience members fresh for the content being presented.

Rory will customize a show specifically for your team. This program of clean comedy is customized for your industry and employees.

Let Rory ease the tense atmosphere, amplify engagement to enhance networking.


  • Keep your event organized, on time, and entertaining for guests with a dedicated facilitator.
  • When teams are more engaged, more information is absorbed.
  • Break the ice & create a more collaborative atmosphere for guests.