Discover and harness your team’s innate creativity
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Rory is an Award-winning comedian & CCMA nominated country artist, who has shared the stage with acts like Keith Urban.

His TikTok videos have over 100 Million views across all platforms. You’ve seen his humor on Canada’s Got Talent, Funny or Die and America’s Funniest Videos, and TEDx.

Rory’s engaging presentation is a live experience executed by a professional entertainer, who has been captivating audience of all sizes, all over the world in corporate events and performing art centers for 20+ years. Rory delivers his valuable message of creativity and resilience through stand-up comedy & music.


Discover and harness your team’s innate creativity

As a former Software consultant working on multi-million dollar government projects, he was “secretly” moonlighting as a recording artist by night. When his employer found out, he thought he was going to be fired, but the opposite happened. They asked “how can we make our team more creative”?
Rory started to share the strategies with his team, then other teams, then other organizations to help them become more collaborative, and contribute to their projects, using their unique perspectives.

By combining “Agile methodology” from his software days, with the collaborative idea generating practices from Nashville songwriting, he has created a process driven strategy for creative innovation within organizations.

When a Tornado destroyed his community, Rory was able to put creativity to the test, by creating a viral video using humor as a coping mechanism, and shares the same actionable resilience tools with teams who are facing overload and burnout.

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“Jack of all trades, master of none. Use curiosity to you advantage!”
- Skill Stacking
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“Your talent is not what’s holding you back. Fortune favors the bold!”
- Mindset vs Skillset
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“Leveraging the power of your unconscious mind”

-Incubating creative ideas
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“Find the funny when disaster strikes”
- TEDx

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