Trailer – What is The New 40?

What is the new 40?

I turned 40 and everyone asked if I accomplished everything I wanted to by this age. How come they don’t ask you that at 20 or 30? Maybe because there is an expectation at 40 that you need to have these invisible goals set.

I’m satisfied at 40. I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to by this age, but I tried everything I wanted to. I’ve had a few misses along the way, but I think I’d be more frustrated if I didn’t at least try them by now. One big disappointment people feel at this age is that they regret not show up when they had the opportunity, or didn’t pivot when they wanted to.

I’m trying to make this podcast entertaining. We’re not trying to compete with your Netflix addiction, but if you can enjoy listening to these conversations, you may pick something up along the way that may encourage you to make some changes in your own life.

I’m not an expert, but I talk to some pretty interesting people. Podcasts can change people’s lives if you connect to the right person and their message. Everyone assumes they’re alone out there, but through listening to these conversations, you may discover other people are living similar journeys.

The idea is to find purpose in your work and life in your 30’s and 40’s. Can someone in their 20 and 50s find value in the show. 100%. 40 is when people generally start panicking about what they haven’t done yet, and implementing these changes in their life, but some people do it in their 20’s 50’s 60’s.

Maybe it took you until later in life to embrace your uniqueness. Understand that it’s a good thing. It separates you from

I just wanted to create a place where people can listen to some conversation and apply some of the strategies their own lives and encourage them to mix it up a little.

That being said…I hope you enjoy some of the great conversations I’ve been lucky enough to have.

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