Say Yes to everything, then figure it out later – Janet Robin

Her band Precious Metal was signed to Chameleon/Capitol Records, Precious Metal released several albums, wrote with Heart, Poison and Cheap Trick. Janet was picked by Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, in support of his 1992 solo album.

Her original songs placed in TV and films such as “One Life to Live,” “All my Children,” “Felicity,” and has also started a side project featuring 4 amazing guitar players- “The String Revolution, who  single “Red Drops” reached the Top 10 Spotify Instrumental Charts. 

In this episode:

-Say YES to everything, then figure it out later. 

-How Donald Trump bailed on staring in her music video

-Diversify your skills to make a living

-You need to release work to get the feedback, so you know how to recalibrate 

-Is there an age limit to the music industry?

-Is being a session musician predominantly a male thing? 

-Don’t burn bridges because you never know where that person will be in your future. 

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