Entertainment is Art in the pursuit of Joy

What are you trying to do with your creative career? How do you know when you’ve made it? Is there goal you’re trying to reach? An annual income you’re trying to meet? Take the entertainment industry for example, because that is my industry. Achieving a level where you can do it full time is a good goal, but once you get there, then what? 

Then there’s rewards and accolades you want to achieve. Charts you want to climb, venues you want to play. Your fan base is never big enough. You’re playing venues you never thought you’d be in, but compared to Metallica you’re not a Rockstar, you’re a pebble. 

If the career ahead of you is a never ending pursuit, then why not slow down, take it in and absorb some of it. Instead of judging other or feeling inadequate, why not identify as a learner. What did they do to get to where they are, and what do I need to do to achieve the same results.

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