Do you want it bad enough? From Boxer to Actor – Ben Milliken

Born in Manchester, England, and raised in Australia, where he aspired to be a competitive boxer, but moved to Los Angeles where he quickly began landing acting roles in multiple film and television projects, including Universal’s “Blue Crush 2”. Most recently, “The Mighty Oak” & season 5 of Amazon’s hit show “Bosch”.

In this episode:

-How preparation leads to confidence, and being present in your performance.

-How Morgan Freeman has an incredible ability to take power naps between takes.

-How collaborations make art that much better, by putting their own spin on someone else’s work.

-How when you look back on yourself at just a year ago, you can see small changes, and measure progress.

-How being a little selfish with your time to take care of yourself, benefits the people around you.

-How to block off time for creative work or playing with kids, instead of trying to juggle.
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