Can’t lose when chasing a dream (or can you?) – Bill Burr

Today we break down a quote from comedian Bill Burr. It wasn’t a quote, as much as it was a 2 min story on why you can’t lose chasing your dream. 
It was well spoken, but I want to unpack it, because while things sound dreamy at first, reality kicks in, and that's where everyone jumps ship.

Steven Pressfield calls that “resistance” in the War of Art. Ryan Holiday calls that “the obstacle” in Obstacle is the Way.

In this episode we'll share the audio clip where Bill talks about getting paid $8 for a gig, and being over the moon, and his girlfriend says: “I wish I had a job that I got paid $8 and came home and did a silly dance in the kitchen”.

What would you do for $8 and come home and do a happy dance?
Let's discuss..

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