Are you making an impact? with Grammy winner – Ricky Kej

Ricky Kej is a Grammy winner and global ambassador for kindness. His Wikipedia page is too long to break down here, but he’s one of the most fascinating composers & philanthropists I have ever met. He composes world music for environmental consciousness, and his consummate activism makes you feel guilty for your consistent Netflix binge habits.  

In this episode: 

-Using music to create a global movement, and persuading political leaders by creating an emotional response in the public. 

-How to be persistent to get what you want, by influencing people with more reach that you.  

-How he doesn’t consider something unsuccessful a failure, but just needs to devote more time developing.  

-How he is using music to change the education system for kids around the world.

“The biggest threat that I believe our human species faces is the constant thought that we have that someone else will make a difference” .

You can find Ricky:

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