Achieving the impossible by leveraging your Creative Entitlement

Do you need to be qualified to play the game? Do you need an education in creative work? Does studying for 7 years make you a Dr of creativity?

In her book “big magic”, Elizabeth Gilbert uses the term “Creative Entitlement”. This is the belief that you’re allowed to be here, have a voice and allowed to share your unique vision.

In Steven Pressfield’s book “Get your ass where your heart wants to be”, he discusses the need to be exposed. You need to put yourself in uncomfortable positions, and the universe will come to your rescue.

Have you heard the expression “impossible has a skill set”? Creating from purpose rather than ego allows us to go outside ourselves into a flow state. In this episode we look at how Chris Rock leveraged this to create his HBO special “Bring the Pain”, which is considered one of the top 5 comedy specials of all time.

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